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inspiration for digital language lessons

My school website 'Learning English as a second language'
which I started off back in 2002 has ceased to exist.

Tips on online and offline dictionary and other language tools
have been moved to the onClick English dictionaries version of my dictionary website.


Below you can find all my digital English language lesson projects,
aimed at students of the fifth and sixth form of secondary education.

Hopefully these lessons may still inspire teachers of English as a second language.

5th form

Grammar (+ exercises)

Phonetic transcription

Revision of the present and past tenses

Expressing the future


Some war poems

Some love poems

Novel - Animal Farm

Read the entire novel online,
using an online dictionary so that the translation or explanation of a word is only a double-click away.
Improve your English even more by listening to the story at the same time!

Animal Farm - summary

On Animal Farm



Yael Naim, New Soul

Laura Veirs, Shadow blues


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.doc

6th form


    A Thing Of Beauty

Neil Young, Mother Earth - music and lyrics

Wordsworth - useful links and his poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

More romantic poems - She Walks in Beauty and Endymion

Read and listen to more poems of romantic poets on the BBC website

Hothouse Flowers, Thing of Beauty - music and lyrics
Laura Veirs, Rapture - music and lyrics and task

    Billy Collins

A selection of poems by America's most popular poet,
read by Billy Collins himself and nicely animated by others.

    War poets
Wilfred Owen
Neil Young, Living with war - modern war poet


Looks (Zephenian).doc

Looks (India.Arie).doc 


Short stories

E.A. Poe, The Black Cat - the text itself and a haunted reading ...

Short stories on the Internet.doc - read classic short stories on your computer and use the extra language tools

Weekend, a short story by Fay Weldon

Audio books

Do you like fiction?
Why not try and listen to audio books on computer or MP3 player?


Defining and non-defining relative clauses

Phrasal verbs or prepositional verbs? - theory and exercises

John Hiatt, Stood up - music and lyrics

Powerpoint presentations

PowerPoint - useful tips.doc

For old times' sake
Discover and enjoy the music and lyrics of these singer-songwriters

Jackson Browne, Fountain of Sorrow
Ry Cooder, No Hard feelings
Bob Dylan, When the Ship Comes in

Neil Young, Old Man


Have fun on ... YouTube - a personal choice